Metastatic Tumors Risk: New Test Can Help People With Prostate Cancer

Metastatic Tumors Risk: New Test Can Help People With Prostate Cancer

Metastatic tumors risk-new test can help people with prostate cancer. A survey shows that people suffering from prostate cancer are at risk of developing metastatic tumors. Now, a newly developed cheaper test promises quick detection of the tumors.

The National Cancer Institute states that prostate cancer will affect around 11.2 percent of men at some point in time. A research data shows that there were around 3,120,176 cases of this cancer in the United States in 2015.

Researchers suggest people who had the previous history of prostate cancer treatment and those with a first-ever diagnosis for this cancer must receive this new test to detect their metastatic tumors’ risk.

Scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, NY, teamed up with researchers from other research institutions. They wanted to develop a new test to analyze metastasis risk. According to them, this new test is cheaper and faster compared to current methods.

This newly developed test assesses copy number alterations (CNAs), which are characterized by the alterations in the genome that causes cancer tumors’ spread.

“We have demonstrated that CNAs can be detected rapidly and accurately with the new Next-Generation Copy Number Alteration (NG-CNA) assay,” the study’s lead author. Dr. Harry Ostrer said.

“The impact of this information is two-fold: to assure aggressive therapy at the time of diagnosis for men with metastasis-prone disease and provide a rationale for active surveillance (and not overtreatment) for men with indolent disease that progresses at a slow pace,” he further added.


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